Fruit for dogs: which is allowed and which to forbid

Fruit for dogs. If you have a dog in your family, you know that the instinct to stretch a few succulent morsels from our plate often wins over common sense. There are some foods that we humans usually consume that even dogs can eat, while others are strictly prohibited. In this article, we list some edible fruits for dogs and others to avoid .

Fruit allowed for dogs


Dogs can eat apples and are also useful for their well-being as they are rich in vitamins A and C, as well as fiber . As they are also low in protein and low in fat, they are also great for older dogs. Always remember to remove the seeds and core!


When eaten in moderation, bananas are a great low-calorie snack , rich in potassium, vitamins, biotin, fiber and copper . Since they are high in sugar, the dog cannot eat them often.


Blueberries are fruits that contain antioxidants that can prevent cell damage in both humans and dogs. Blueberries become excellent allies for the proper functioning of the body.


Watermelon is a refreshing fruit, rich in water and vitamins, therefore excellent on hot summer days. The important thing is to remove the seeds and peel that can cause an intestinal blockage in the dog.


Pears are also a healthy snack for dogs as they are high in copper, vitamin C and K, and fiber . Studies also confirm that regular consumption of apples reduces the risk of heart attack by 50%.

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Forbidden fruit for dogs


Not many people know this, but cherries contain a small amount of cyanide , which is toxic to the dog because it prevents the blood cells from receiving oxygen.


Grapes are toxic to all types of dogs , regardless of their breed or age. This fruit can in fact cause a block in the functioning of the kidneys, potentially lethal for the animal.


For humans it is considered a food rich in good fats that are valuable for health , but for dogs it only causes vomiting and diarrhea due to persin. Persin is a totally harmless fungicidal toxin for people, but harmful and dangerous for pets.