10 signs your dog is happy

Signs your dog is happy

“How do I know that my beloved dog is okay?”. “How do I know that I am doing everything right when dealing with my dog ​​and that he has a beautiful life with me that makes him completely happy?” These are questions that many dog ​​owners ask themselves.

By the way, dogs only learned to smile from humans. Barring your teeth is even considered a sign of aggression among wolves. Today’s dog has adapted so much to its masters and mistresses that it also uses showing teeth as a greeting signal.

Here we show you a few of the unmistakable signs that give a lot of information about whether your dog feels right at home with you and with his life.

1. The rod swings 

If the dog is happy, its tail swings from left to right and describes an approximately 120-degree angle. In dogs with short or docked tails or with rolled tails, the base of the tail is significant. With the canine colleagues who have a short tail, the entire rear part often gets in motion when wagging.

2. The pupils are open

You can tell from wide pupils that your dog is happy about something. Similar to humans, in whom the pupils dilate when they see something beautiful. Of course, the eyes’ overall appearance is crucial: When Bello’s eyes shine and appear lively, you can be quite sure: Your sweetheart is doing well.

3. Tail wagging flocks

In general, a slightly prancing gait, a relaxed posture of the tail, and usually set ears are indicators that your dog is experiencing inner happiness.

Sometimes our canine colleagues also express their joy in the fact that they black wire around their loved ones, mostly wagging their tails.

4. Cocky behavior

You can also tell from high-spirited behavior such as jumping around, running in circles, short bells, and the like that your four-legged friend is having real fun.

5. He asks you to play

Besides, if your beloved dog is doing well, he will show you that by asking you to play. The dog does this, for example, by briefly jumping into the air with parallel front legs. Be sure to get infected by his silliness and romp around together because that increases both sides’ fun.

Please note, however, that the final call to play should come from you as the


6. He focuses on you and the task.

If you employ your dog in a species-appropriate way so that it is always well utilized, it shows its joy in playing together – and at the moment itself – by concentrating on its human roommate and the task to be mastered. That is pure situational joy.

7. He’s a cuddly cheek

The dog naturally also shows joy when he goes to his human being to cuddle with him.

8. He seeks the closeness of his master or mistress

It stands to reason: seeking closeness is a sign that he is happy with you. He shows you this by coming to you regularly or simply lying quietly next to you. Lying next to you in a calm or asleep state is a sure sign that you are fine.

9. He gives you his paw.

This gesture can also have a demanding component. The dog may beg or appease by pawing. But it can also generally express that he is happy to be with you.

10. His reaction when you get home

Last but not least, his behavior when you unlock the door shows that he is happy to see you again finally.

The dog can already experience the feeling of “finally” after you have been away for only twenty minutes. Sometimes his joy is so great that he has not seen you in ages. It may not come as a surprise: Of course, this is one reason you as the owner make him happy and make a lot or everything right when dealing with him.

We wish you and your canine friend that you have a lot of fun together. Make yourself aware that it will rub off positively on you when Bello is doing well because there is hardly any other joy that is as contagious as that of your beloved dog.

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