Do dogs feel the love?

Do dogs feel the love?

That dogs feel love is a somewhat complex statement, although those who own a pet claim that dogs feel and understand human emotions. There are those who say that they are “humanizations” since dogs cannot feel. But who can deny that their dog did not reach out when noticing that they were sad or sick? What person can deny that when faced with illnesses in which one must stay in bed, their pet spent all day by their side?

Although the experience of pet owners is important, science wanted to check the brain function of animals in the face of stimuli such as laughter or crying in their owners and to determine if there is indeed a recognition of human emotions.

That is why we said that the question is very broad, but we will try to answer from ScoobyDog whether dogs feel love. and I promise that at the end of the article, you will be surprised.

Dogs feel

Those who have a pet in their house will have wondered more than once if dogs really feel like us , but they will have noticed that it is not a question, but a statement. We can scientifically affirm that dogs have different feelings such as jealousy, sadness and happiness. But let’s go step by step:

When we cry or we are sick we notice that our dog is always by our side. Until a while ago scientists maintained that dogs did it out of curiosity and not because they felt our sensations at that moment.

However, different studies have been commissioned to show that this belief is false. First began a doctor at the University of Atlanta studying the reaction of the canine brain to smells of known and unknown people. It was found that an area known as the caudate nucleus acts, it also exists in humans, and is related to love, representing in our dog the smell of home or tranquility.

To differentiate between crying and human laughter, the University of Budapest was commissioned by magnetic resonance imaging in dogs and humans at the same time. They came to the conclusion that our pet can differentiate when we are happy and when we are not, approaching to share their affection when they notice that something is not going well.

Dogs understand human cry

Earlier, we said that dogs can tell the difference between human crying and laughing. But what makes them come to us when we are sad?

The same question arose a few years ago in the Department of Psychology of a University in London. They evaluated a group of dogs with their owners and people never seen by them. They noticed that before one group of people spoke normally and another group cried, the dogs would approach the second group to have physical contact with them, regardless of whether they were complete strangers to them.

This surprised psychologists a lot, and they were able to show that our dogs are capable of knowing when we are sad and want to be close to us to give us their unconditional support.

Does my dog ​​love me?

That we adore our dog is more than clear. That we always want to have his company and sharing many things with him makes us very happy, too. But we would like to understand their language correctly to be sure that our dog feels the same way. There are positions that show us that the dog feels the same love for us, you just have to know how to read them:

  • He wags his tail and gets excited when he sees us, sometimes losing a bit of pee in the excitement to greet us.
  • It takes care of us when we are not healthy or happy. Take care of our home.
  • He does not miss an opportunity to lick us.
  • Claim our attention to play, go out, or eat.
  • It follows us in all our movements, whether with our eyes or walking.
  • Sleep as close to us as we let it.
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