How to cool your dog in the summer

When the temperatures rise, it’s time to protect your furry friend! How to cool your dog in the summer

The risks of heat for dogs

Well yes: even dogs suffer from the heat .
With the arrival of summer and, in general, with the increase in temperatures, it is time to learn how to protect your dog from the heat : refreshing him is not a simple cuddle, it is a necessary attention for his health. In this article we will discover together all the tricks to make sure you refresh your dog and make him have a happy summer. First, however, it is important to clarify that taking care of your pets during the summer can literally save their lives: that of a is a serious risk which, in the most serious cases, can even lead to death if not managed correctly. To avoid this, the most obvious attentions are not enough, such as not leaving the dog locked in the car in the sun , but you must learn to know all the symptoms of overheating and dehydration.

Dogs suffer from heat: the signs

Looking at your dog , you will immediately notice if he is particularly hot. The most common signs are excessive panting, drooling or that his saliva is thick and sticky – if you notice these things, start cooling your dog right away , to avoid overheating. In fact, severe and ignored overheating can cause diarrhea, vomiting, convulsions and even death.
Then there are some further steps to understand if your dog is dehydrated :

  • Check the elasticity of the skin. Gently pull a piece of skin on the back of your dog’s neck. If there are no problems with dehydration, the skin will immediately return to its place, otherwise it will remain raised and wrinkled for a while.
  • Check your gums. Lift your dog’s lip and press a finger to the gums until that part turns white. If as soon as you remove your finger, the gum turns pink again, no problem, if it takes a while it could be dehydration.

Now that you know how to recognize the signs that reveal if your dog is hot, you can think of all the precautions to refresh him and make sure that it never happens.

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The dog breeds that suffer the most from the heat

We’ve covered all the symptoms of dog overheating , but don’t freak out: with the right attention, it’s not that easy for your dog to suffer from heatstroke. In fact, most dog breeds can face the hot summer months without too many problems, naturally with the necessary precautions.
However, things change for the brachycephalic breeds , which, due to their shorter nasal passages, have difficulty regulating the internal temperature.
So here are the dogs that suffer the most from the heat :

  • English Bulldog;
  • Boston terrier;
  • French Bulldog;
  • Pekingese;
  • Pug;
  • Boxer;
  • Bull terrier;
  • Cavalier king;
  • Shih Tzu;
  • Shar Pei.

How to cool your dog in summer hot weather

So here is a roundup of attentions to finally discover how to cool your dog in the summer !

  • Keep your dog hydrated. So make sure he always has fresh, clean water available, even when you take him for a walk.
  • Put it out of the sun. At all times of the day, your dog must have access to a shaded space.
  • Wet it! Give him a good refresh by sprinkling water on him or just wetting his head, perhaps before the walk. If you can, take him for a swim in the sea.
  • Shearing yes or no? This is a sensitive subject and it is good to discuss it with your vet. In fact, the dog’s coat is equipped with a protective layer that protects it from temperatures that are too high or too low so, if for some breeds a light shearing can be positive, for others it is absolutely to be avoided. In any case, never, ever shear a dog completely because this would expose his skin directly to the sun causing him a lot of problems.
  • Choose the times for walking. Don’t take your dog out during the hottest hours of the day.
  • Let it rest in a cool place. For its kennel, choose a mattress in memory fresh , a material that prevents overheating and therefore allows your dog to sleep comfortably without suffering from the heat!

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