How to make cat and dog get along

Why choose between purring and wagging tails when you can enjoy both? Here are all the secrets for a happy coexistence between dog and cat!

Dog and cat: coexistence (im) possible

“You two are like cat and dog ” doesn’t mean anything good. The innate hostility between man’s best friend and the most cuddly feline on earth is even proverbial.
Is it really not possible to have cat and dog stay together without destroying family serenity?
By tradition, dogs and cats do not get along particularly wellbut, as they are also the most common pets in Italy, it is easy for them to have to live together, so the problem becomes being able to make them feel good together. It all depends on instinct: the dog sees that furry and snappy animal and identifies it as prey, starting to fidget, while the cat finds himself in front of what for him is often an agitated colossus and reacts with hostility.
Still, we assure you that getting cat and dog to get along is not only possible, but it’s not that hard if you know how!
Almost any dog ​​can happily live with almost any cat and in this article we will try to explain how to promote socialization. On the other hand, the thing is even easier if you are dealing withdog or feline breeds particularly prone to coexistence , therefore, for those who were still considering the idea of ​​adopting a new member of the family, let’s start by listing the breeds of dogs and cats that are most willing to come into contact with the other species.

Dog breeds that get along well with cats

It is worth repeating once again: dogs can get along well with cats regardless of breeds. So if you are thinking of adopting a stray, an abandoned dog or a mixed breed in general, do not hold back: you will make him happy and you will still be able, perhaps with a little patience, to happily insert him into the family.

 On the other hand, as it happens that you are looking for the right dog to be in contact with children , it can also happen that you want to adopt naturally inclined to interact with cats. So here is a list of dog breeds that are famous for getting along with cats :

  • The dachshund. Its size does not inspire fear and is often exuberant, therefore it represents an ideal playmate for a kitten;
  • The German Shepherd. It may seem threatening due to its size, but it is often just an eternal puppy capable of socializing even with its proverbial rival;
  • The labrador. This is no surprise, it’s hard not to get along with a Labrador, especially when he transforms into a comfortable furry bed for the kitty. The same is true for their cousins, the golden retrievers ;
  • The cocker spaniel. A very curious and determined dog who will not give up until he has won the sympathies of the feline;
  • The border collie. A lot of intelligence and an innate herd instinct certainly help the fraternization with the cat;
  • The beagle. A very sweet character and small size make it the perfect companion for your cat.

Cat breeds that get along well with dogs

As we said about dogs, there are also cat breeds that generally get along well with dogs . In this case, however, things get a little more complex: if dog breeds are very common in Italian homes, cats are much more often picked up from the street. And let’s face it, this is a wonderful thing. Wonder aside, though, if you can’t rely on the innate affability of some cat breeds, you’ll need to educate your mischievous cat and teach him to get along with the dog. However, here are the cat breeds most likely to get along with the dog :

  • The Abyssinian cat. An extroverted, playful and sociable cat who gets along well with everyone;
  • The American Bombay cat. He wants to play all the time, if the dog becomes his companion, fun is guaranteed!
  • The ragdoll. Nicknamed “rag doll” for its infinite sweetness, it has a more canine than feline character;
  • The maine coon . Another big cat with canine attitudes, makes friends at the speed of light;
  • The Siberian cat. Suffice it to say that they call him the cat-dog and that he loves taking walks on a leash.

How to make cat and dog get along

The coexistence between cats and dogs , as we have often repeated, it is not impossible! This is true regardless of the breed of one and the other, you just need to be patient and pay attention to the way in which the two animals are put in contact. Here’s how to make your cat and dog happy together :

  • 1. Beware of presentations. The first meeting is essential, you cannot allow it to be negative. So make sure you have space at home to keep the two apart in the first period and that, during introductions, both are in a position to be calm. If either of them gets upset, separate them and try again;
  • 2. Don’t rush. Initially you need to keep them in separate rooms and avoid chasing each other. Give them the time they need to get used to the new presence and start mixing their smells by caressing first one and then the other;
  • 3. When you are not there. For the first few days, if you are not at home it is best to keep them in separate spaces and bring them closer only at controlled moments;
  • 4. Correct the dog’s behaviors. If the dog becomes aggressive towards the cat, even just barking at him, distract him with games or other things;
  • 5. Reward the dog. When the dog approaches the cat in a meek way, compliment him and give him a reward so that he associates these interactions with positive feelings;
  • 6. Provide the cat with a fortress. Cats attack only if they have no way to escape, if you provide them with a shelter of any kind that is unreachable for the dog, you can avoid unpleasant quarrels between the two;
  • 7. Don’t make preferencesTry never to make them jealous. It’s not easy, but you have to try to give the same amount of attention to both of them so they don’t compete.


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