How To Wash A Puppy Dog Without Hurting Him

We just got a little 4-legged friend and we don’t know anything about him? For example:How To Wash A Puppy Dog ? Here are some tips on how to take a nice bath without fear or pain.

When can we give our little dog the first bath?

When we get a puppy indoors, we need to consider a lot of things. We must know that every little animal we decide to take with us needs a lot of attention .

We must assume that he will perfectly become a member of the family : as such, therefore, we will have to take care of him from every point of view.

Especially if it is our first dog, it is important to take into consideration some things of primary importance to understand how we can manage the situation to the best of our abilities. The aim is always to make his life as better as possible and to make him live in a suitable and comfortable environment.

In this article we would like to worry about when we can give our little friend the first bath. What’s it about? How you do it? When is it best to do it? In short, how to wash a puppy dog?

Let’s start from the beginning: when is it possible to take the first bath to the 4-legged friend? Of course, we need to make sure that the little dog has already had all the necessary vaccines . Then, we should wait some time before submerging it in the water and decide to take it to the groomer.

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In addition to standard vaccines, will also be required references : Once made these too, we can be pretty sure that the baby has developed all antibodies righteous. This is a way to allow the body to live at its best, making sure that all things are in their place.

Being then, from a very young age, very delicate, it is essential to have his immune defenses activated in advance, which will protect him from any problems coming from the outside.

Why is it necessary to wait some time before giving him a bath after giving him vaccinations (or booster shots)? The point actually concerns a very simple factor.

Immersing it in water too soon could end up completely canceling the effect of the injected drug and therefore make all efforts made up to that point in vain.

This means that the little one would no longer be completely protected from everything the outside world offers him. The grooming centers, in fact, are required to inform themselves about everything that can be useful to understand when it is better to give the puppy the first bath.

It is usually asked to wait 7-10 days before bathing the little friend, to give the vaccine time to act safely.

The first bath is advisable to do it in some specialized center. And if we wanted to learn how to wash the puppy in perfect autonomy, we can buy shampoo, conditioner or what you need to do everything directly from home.

Let’s make sure that everything you need for the bathroom is suitable for the species of animal we are dealing with: we don’t do our own thing or try to invent who knows what particular products! Indeed, we always go in search of a quality that can give the best result and above all that does not harm the animal.

First of all this, of course, we must also understand how to proceed to bathe our friend and get him to advise us which are the best products to use. Then, it won’t be difficult to act independently .

If we want more information on what we can use, we can see at the links some curiosities about bicarbonate dog shampoo or about dogs and human shampoo .

Whether we wash our friend or the groomers provide, we need to be sure of some factors. For example, it must be borne in mind that dogs can be washed both in summer and in winter, indiscriminately and without any reservations.

After the first bath (remember about 7-10 days after the last vaccine recall) our friend can be washed about once a month.

In case of need, however, if necessary or for some particular need, we can agree with an expert what are the best times to immerse it in water.

Dog puppy: how to wash it?

Dog puppy how to wash it? We assume that a little dog, even if very small, is usually never too willing to bathe. Surely, if we immediately get used to being immersed in water, since he is still a puppy, we could help him not to be traumatized. It must be gradual, done step by step, without forcing.

Getting familiar with the water must be a pleasure and not a terror: with patience and tranquility, we must be good at making the puppy understand that it is nothing to worry about.

Dog puppy, how to wash it? Let’s see now what are the steps to wash our little friend . As already mentioned, before giving him the first bath, it is necessary to wait a few days after the last vaccine booster. In the meantime, it is important that the little pet begins to get to know the environment in which he lives and us owners.

Getting used to his new home and his new human friends is a vital step in making him feel safe and secure. When he understands that he can trust us , that we are not a threat and that, indeed, we are ready to welcome him into the family, we could also begin to make him familiar with all the things necessary for life, such as a bath.

If the child feels relaxed and at ease in the home environment, he can be immersed in water, strictly lukewarm . Sometimes, for the first bath, you go to some special center, while in other cases you want to do everything independently.

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How to wash a puppy dog ​​from the house without scaring him? We have to be good at making him understand that water could also become a game and be something to have fun with.

What should be done? These tips can be adopted especially with small dogs. Take a basin or a container large enough where you can immerse the baby and fill it with warm water. Soak the paws and make sure that the water reaches more or less halfway through his body.

You have to start with the paws: slowly you will have to wet and rinse them, lathering with special products for dogs . Secondly, it will move on to the rest of the body. Gently wet the whole dog, always giving him lots of pampering and reassuring him. An element that can make him feel more at ease may be to insert toys in the basin with which he is fully confident. This may help them feel less “in danger”.

How to rinse his body? Soap his body is the first thing; then, with all the delicacy of the case, massage his trunk to spread the soap well in every part. Let’s remember to avoid the eyes or the ears: neither soap nor water should enter here (or at least, not too much: just enough for a quick rinse).

Once thoroughly lathered with shampoo and conditioner (if needed), wash it thoroughly with water until all the soap is removed. Once finished, cover it immediately with a dry cloth to prevent it from getting cold, especially if the outside temperature is still cold / cool.

A quick brush will remove the excess hair and ensure that the puppy has all the coat beautifully clean and in order. If the baby’s hair is long, it will be more challenging to comb it well and to undo all the knots that are created over the course of the day: it takes a lot of patience and perseverance!

Surely a useful tip could be to brush it daily, in order to prevent too many knots from accumulating and becoming impossible to untie. This is also part of the care that we absolutely must give to our new family member.

Then, with the hair dryer you will have to dry the whole body of the small animal perfectly, especially on the ears and on the head.

Please note: the hair dryer must never be set to maximum power or heat, on the contrary! It must be switched on at a safe distance from the puppy, otherwise we risk scalding it and hurting it.

Dog puppy how to wash it? Bathing a puppy dog ​​is never a simple thing, not for the practice itself, but because he is never very willing to be swamped between water and hairdryer. Indeed, many times, especially puppies, are afraid of water and, even more so, of the noise of the hairdryer.

For this reason, as already mentioned, it would be important to make him calm down with cuddles, kisses and caresses and to make him familiar with these processes from a very young age.

Surely our presence close to him will only improve the situation and make our little 4-legged friend feel safer and more protected.

If we have already established a good relationship of trust and love with him, despite the short time spent together, he will feel protected and safe whenever we are with him.

By doing so, therefore, he will be able to face everything with less fear, despite some annoyances. The Our presence will help him at all times of difficulty.

How to win the dog’s trust ? Let’s see at the link some useful advice on how to make him familiar with us.