Most expensive dog breeds

most expensive dog breeds

Which is the Most expensive dog breeds in the world? Surely you have ever seen the largest dog in the world, or the smallest, either in photo, video or through the Guinness Book of Records. But in addition to their size, character or obedience … some dogs also become famous for their peculiar price.

Most expensive dog breeds

Before giving you more information about the most expensive dog in the world, we want to express our total disagreement with the sale of animals. It does not seem fair to us that they raise dogs for sale while in kennels and shelters they are saturated with dogs looking for a home. So we strongly insist that you adopt dogs, not buy them.

In municipal and animal protection kennels, you will find purebred dogs and mongrel dogs, you can adopt them for free, paying only for their mandatory vaccinations and identification chip (these expenses vary depending on the country of residence). Why pay for a dog when we can adopt one for free? There are millions of dogs waiting for a home, adopt.

The most expensive dog in the world is a red-haired Tibetan Mastiff.

It was sold for one million four hundred thousand euros (one million nine hundred thousand US dollars or twelve million yuan). It was bought by a real estate developer.

Its history is very common, it is a dog very physically similar to lions, it has a very unique mane and tail, which makes it very similar to these big cats. It is a faithful and guardian dog, of great size that has become very fashionable among the upper classes.


Throughout history, this breed of dog has been used for hunting and as a guard dog in the Asian area. It reaches ninety or one hundred kilos in weight and a height of eighty centimeters, from the ground to the shoulders. Its maintenance is very high due to the large amount of food it needs on a daily basis. Its physical maintenance is also complicated, due to its long and intense coat it is not a suitable dog for hot or tropical climates, however it is an excellent option for extremely cold climates.

We must brush it daily and bathe it every month, in addition to carrying out thorough checks on its legs and fur in search of small branches that may have been nailed or parasites such as ticks.

In general, their fur is red, but you can also see specimens of other colors although not so valued economically.

We will never understand why you pay for an animal, just as we will never understand why you pay for a human. But since there has to be everything on the planet … this is, at the moment, the most expensive dog in the world.

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