This Is What It Means When Your Dog Puts Their Paw On You, According to an Expert

Dog Puts Their Paw On You

Dogs show their feelings very subtly and with their body language. This is what your dog means when the dog puts their paw on you:

Anger, fear, love, trust – whil8e we humans can communicate our feelings and thoughts to one another with words, dogs have to resort to facial expressions and gestures. This can sometimes be quite difficult because people often do not know what the body language of their animal means. Therefore we want to enlighten you: Do you know what your dog means when he puts a paw on you?

The gesture is not always clear. There are a total of four things your dog wants to tell you with the gesture. Based on the situation, you will be able to see what it is and take care of it accordingly …

1st possibility: “Protect me”

The raised paw could be a signal that the dog is feeling stressed. He is insecure and wants to be supported. The gesture never comes alone if your dog feels threatened. Smacking noises, yawning or big ears are other features that you need to pay attention to now. If you see this in your dog, you should distract him and create a good mood: cuddle him, play with him or train a trick, which you can then reward with a treat.

But it can also mean something else …

2nd option: “Please feed me!”

Dogs know very well when it is time for their food. Especially if you feed them around the same time every day. Have you forgotten a session and your darling’s stomach is growling now? Then he wants to kindly tell you that it is now time to eat. However, you have to pay close attention to whether it is meal time. Otherwise, your dog will learn that you will react to his “command” when he touches you with his paw.

3rd option: “Hey, here I am!”

Often, dogs just want to let you know they’re there. Especially when you read something, watch TV or talk to other people and don’t have time to look after your dog. Dogs notice something like this quickly and want to attract attention. Even if you hardly have time for your pet all day, it will eventually ask for attention. You should give that to him too. Use your free time to play with your dog, go for a walk or brush it well. He will be happy about it.

The last variant is probably the most beautiful …

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