Even our four-legged friends are not always doing as well as they look. The signs suggest your dog is in pain:


In order to enable our furry friends to live an optimal life with us, we particularly like to look after them and want to do them good. With a bit of luck, our dog is doing so well that it will get particularly old, like Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt’s Golden Retriever. So far he is one of the oldest Goldie in the whole world ! Jennifer and Steve are sure to have taken long walks with their lovely four-legged friend and given him plenty of exercise , after all, this is particularly important with dogs! After a long walk, the dog will stretch all fours, but be careful, the signs indicate that he is really in pain:

 1 Your dog is breathing hard 

If your dog is breathing quickly and shallowly, or panting particularly hard, this could be a sign that he is in pain. However, when you come home from a long walk, wait 15 minutes for your dog to calm down. If he is still breathing heavily, then you should be concerned. 

2 Is your dog particularly “weak”?

If your darling is lying listlessly in the corner, barely moving or hiding in a corner, this is often a sign that he is not feeling well. Sometimes dogs also have pain. Try to look out for other signs, because the more signs apply to your dog, the more likely it is that he will actually be in pain. display Diabetes? Measure easier now.For reliable blood sugar values: test the Accu-Chek Guide free of charge

3 Pay attention to your four-legged friend’s eyes

Of course, you love your four-legged friend very much, so you can take a look in his eyes without making yourself unpopular with him. If their eyes are bloodshot, or their pupils are narrowed or dilated, your dog is likely to be in severe pain. At this point at the latest you should visit a trusted vet and have him examined. 

 4 The posture of your dog

If you want to find out if your dog is in pain, you should also pay attention to their posture. Your four-legged friend will assume a hunched posture as soon as he is in pain. Most of the time, the back is straightened up and your favorite’s movements look a bit stiff. Very likely he will then be in pain or not be particularly well. A pinched tail, frequent tremors and shaking, and a drooping head should also put you on alert. Take it to the vet as soon as possible! 

5 Lack of appetite

The clearest sign that your dog is not doing well is a lack of appetite! Because who does not know that the beloved four-legged friend comes taped to the dining table to steal the sausage from their master or mistress? If he doesn’t even respond to a treat you offer him, you should be concerned that he is not doing well or is in pain. 

6 Your dog will lick itself more often than usual

Sometimes dogs can also try to lick or start grooming where they are in pain. Even if no external injury is visible, this can be one of the alarm signals that your four-legged friend is in pain. Dogs often try to “lick clean” deeper injuries.

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