You have a new dog and you just don’t know what to call her? Here are some beautiful and original female dog names.

Don’t we know what to call our lovely? There are so many names for female dogs that can do for us!

When we adopt an animal, dog, or cat, the choice of name is very important because it is what will identify it for life.

Classic names, movie names, or special and original names, there are so spoiled for choice that it is easy to panic because we do not know which one to bet on.

Often it takes a glance to understand what name to give to our dog but when we are undecided we risk taking weeks to decide.

The web fortunately comes to our rescue and we can find many nice and interesting ideas to choose one. The important thing is that it is the perfect one!

So here is a small list of beautiful and original female dog names that can help us when we don’t know which fish to catch.

How to choose the name of the dog: some advice

Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility because Fido depends on everything from us and we must be able to respect his every need.

We have to feed him properly, take him to the vet,play and walk with him and reciprocate the great love he is capable of.

But one of the very first things to do is just choose the name, what will be its “brand” and that will distinguish it from all the other dogs.

Therefore it is natural that research often leads us to a name that is a bit particular, perhaps original and unusual, a name that is unique and that no other dog has.

After all, for us Fido is a unique and special being and for us it will always be inimitable and irreplaceable. It is right to do him justice by the perfect name!

There are those who bet on the most classic names, the timeless ones that have always been given to our four-legged friends, but there are those who opt for something that is related to their own passion, maybe to their favorite novel or the film that we can not help but review a thousand times.

Lately, TV series are very fashionable, thanks to the many portals dedicated to cinema and audiovisual products and also the names of dogs (both for the female and for the male) are affected.

Just think of the huge success of “Game of Thrones” (in Italy “Game of Thrones”) that with the wonderful and legendary Metalupi has won the hearts of millions of fans.

Features of the dog’s name

Personal passions aside, however, we must always take into account the fact that the name of the dog must be chosen wisely, and with the criterion, it must be a name with which it can identify and to which it will have to respond every time we call it.

So first of all it should be a name not too long and complicated, as long as it has two or three syllables, so you don’t have trouble memorizing it.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be the name of a command, otherwise, you know that confusion every time we call it “Sitting!” and instead come to us it sits on the floor!

If we have other animals, we try to differentiate their names and make sure they don’t have a similar sound otherwise our furry companions won’t know who we’re talking to at the time.

And finally, the name must be clear, we must always pronounce it in the same way and, above all, we must never change it in the course of Fido’s life!

Once we choose the name we have to do nothing but teach it to our dog, just like we do for the basic controls.

The logic is very similar and in fact, to make it memorize you always use the method of positive reinforcement, which is to reward it with a caress or snack every time it responds when we call it.

It takes a little patience, but it won’t be that hard. Just don’t shout it but pronounce it with determination and kindness, especially for the early days call it often to get it used to the sound of the word and, when it is ready, teach the dog to recognize its name outside the home environment, in the street or in the park where it must distinguish it from other voices and from the many ambient noises.

That said, we see the cutest, most original, and special female dog names we can choose for our new life partner.

Mythological names for female dogs

If you are passionate about mythology and want to give your dog a “divine” name the ideal is to opt for the names for female dogs drawn from ancient myths and legends.

  • Athena: the daughter of Zeus, the god of all gods, the goddess of war, and intelligence to whom qualities such as prudence and great strength are associated. In mythology, she is considered the protector of Athens, a city from which she takes her name.
  • Calliope: a splendid Greek muse, also the daughter of Zeus, is the embodiment of poetry and for this reason, considered the one who inspired the Iliad and the Odyssey.
  • Daphne: a character with a tragic story, is a nymph of the woods with which the god Apollo falls madly in love. But it is not reciprocated, so he decides to turn it into a laurel plant.
  • Diana: among the names for female dogs is one of the most beautiful and with special meaning. Diana, in fact, is the goddess who protects wild animals and women, and her Roman counterpart, Artemis, is the goddess of hunting, the moon, and the woods.
  • Galatea: a beautiful nymph of the sea that lives at the bottom of the ocean, could be an original idea for a dog that loves to swim!
  • It was (or Hera): the name is very short, but it belongs to the mother of all the gods, perfect for a big and imposing dog (and with a nice character).
  • Selene: the wonderful goddess of the moon that lights up the night sky every night by towing the satellite with her chariot.

Names for English and French female dogs

Who said that the names for female (or male) dogs should necessarily be in our language?

We can range between hundreds and hundreds of names from other countries,as we often do for the choice of children’s name.

Language enthusiasts can bring fun and give the dog a name with a foreign flavor that recalls distant lands, but not too much, like France and England.

By the way, these foreign names often have very nice sounds, just think of the French Adèle, Amelie, Belle, Minou, Madame, Camille, Brioche, Odette, Vanilla. Really adorable!

The English-language ones are linked to both British and American culture and are very many and very particular.

If you like the UK so much and love the immortal Queen Elizabeth II you might choose Elisabeth!

Or pay tribute to his gorgeous sister Margareth, or Maggie. And still think of the beautiful Princess Diana (Spencer), the unforgettable wife of the heir to the throne Charles loved by millions of people around the world.

If, however, you want something more traditional go for names like Abbie, Apple, April, Barbie, Bonny, Cherry, Cookie, Daisy, Daisy, Fiona, Flower, Ginger, Happy, Jackie, Lady, Love, Miss, Molly, Pearl, Pixie, Queen, Roxy, Shirly, Spring, Sugar, Summer, Sunny, Velvet, Wendy, Zoe.

And they’re just a few names for English-born female dogs. Listing them all would be impossible!

Female dog names from movies and TV series

And we come to the magical and wonderful world of film and TV series, which brings together millions of fans around the world.

Film products perhaps influence the choice of names more than anything else, not only for female or male dogs but also for our own children!

We mentioned “Game of Thrones” before, so think that in conjunction with the release of the episodes were born a lot of little girls named Arya and Daenerys, named in honor of two important protagonists of the saga.

In fact, they are two beautiful names that would also be good for female dogs, as well as the names of other characters in the series such as Sansa, Brienne, Cercei, Gilly, or Ygritte.

How to forget Disney’s timeless films, like “The Charge of 101” where there’s the gorgeous Dalmatia Peggie teaming up with Pongo?

And again the famous Lassie, the Rough Collie (Long-haired Scottish shepherd dog) protagonist of the film of the same name (and novel).

We can’t overlook even Abby, the German Shepherd dog who accompanies Will Smith on the adventurous journey in “I Am Legend.

The older ones will remember the cartoons of “Belle and Sebastien”, taken from a novel French and in turn recently ended up on the big screen in a movie for cinema. Belle is just a gorgeous and candid dog.

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