How to remove dog and cat hair

selective focus photography of long-coated dog on red sofa

Dog and cat hair can be found on various surfaces such as clothes, car seats, sofas, armchairs, TV and computer screens, floors, and furniture. This can be particularly troublesome for pet owners, especially during the shedding seasons before summer and winter when hair loss intensifies. Removing dog and cat hair from every surface of the house can be a painstaking task. How can one effectively eliminate dog and cat hair?

So here are some useful tips on how to remove dog and cat hair effectively.

How to remove dog and cat hair
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How to remove dog hair from the floor. 

Maintaining cleanliness in your home while owning a pet requires significant effort. The presence of a shedding and unclean animal often makes it challenging to achieve a flawlessly clean floor.

The vacuum cleaner is the most effective system for removing hair, even from unexpected places. There are various types available, including those with special filters designed for pet owners. With just one pass, you can be sure that all the hair and dirt will be removed. A robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice if you’d rather spend your time on other activities instead of cleaning the floor. Charge it, start it, and let it handle the dirty work – it will truly transform your life!

But wait! Don’t worry, there’s a more affordable option available. Instead of spending a significant amount of money, starting at a few hundred euros, on a medium-quality model, consider using the timeless and cost-effective disposable electrostatic cloth. Simply glide it over your floors and surfaces, and it will effectively trap dirt. Once you’re done, just toss it in the trash.

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How to remove dog and cat hair

When you have a pet in your house, it’s important to be mindful of the cleaning products you utilize. Opt for natural alternatives instead. A great solution for cleaning surfaces can be created by combining water and vinegar with either eucalyptus or tea tree essential oils.

If you have rugs in your house, you will need some elbow grease. It is essential to vacuum well at least once a week: this will be used to remove the hair of your puppies, but also mites and other cute animals. To wash it, also in this case, prefer products of natural origin: a mix of bicarbonate, with a few drops of orange, eucalyptus, or mint essential oil to be carefully wiped over the entire carpet. Let it act for a few hours and then vacuum everything off. If the rug is made of fine or delicate materials, be careful with the solvents you use to avoid damaging it.

Remove the hair from the washing machine

If after washing sheets or clothes you find the washing machine full of hair from your dog or cat, arm yourself with patience. It must be cleaned to prevent it from breaking. First, carefully clean the filter, then the drum, the detergent drawer, and the door glass. To do this you can use the washing machine products on sale in every supermarket.

To prevent hair from entering the washing machine, be sure to vacuum all the clothes you want to wash first. For more delicate items you can also use garment-saving bags designed for bras, for example: in this way, you will protect the garment from the spin cycle and prevent hair from going into the drum.

selective focus photography of long-coated dog on red sofa
Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Hair on your clothes? Never again!

To remove the hair of your 4-legged friend from your favorite coat, the solution is the adhesive tape or the special adhesive rollers that you pass on the clothes and attract all the annoying lint. Buy them in industrial quantities because they will never be enough!

Alternatively, you can moisten your hand, with a latex glove, or a sponge, and wipe it on the head covered with hair.

Get into the habit of closing closets and, even better, putting clothes in protective bags; cats love to sneak into wardrobes and find out when you’re in the office that the cat has left its mark on your black dress, it’s not cool!

Remove pet hair from the car

Does Fido accompany you on your travels? In all likelihood, then your car seats will be covered with a fur coat. There are several solutions to overcome the problem.

Using seat covers makes maintenance easier because you just need to vacuum them and then wash them in the washing machine. Alternatively, you can use a protective sheet.

To do a thorough cleaning, start from the rear seats: arm yourself with an adhesive roller or a special brush and remove excess hair, then do another round with the vacuum cleaner. Finally, with a damp sponge, help remove the last residues. To sanitize you can buy pet-friendly deodorants that also contain agents that kill bacteria.

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Hair on the sofa: here is the solution

The sofa is par excellence the place in the house that is most filled with hair. To solve the problem, put on a sofa cover or a towel that you can easily wash; otherwise use the usual adhesive tape or roller (you already bought it, right?). The vacuum cleaner also works well on the sofa and upholstery, which usually also has a special extension to use on the fabric.

However, if your dog or your cat doesn’t want to leave the sofa or the armchair, which have become their favorite places, making every attempt to free them from hair for more than 10 minutes in vain, the solution for you is our kennel. for sofa. 

The Achille sofa bed adapts to any seat and it can be moved very easily as it is very light. The kennel has three reinforced edges that you can open as needed. There are straps on the sides which, when loose, widen the surface of the kennel. On the longer end, there is also a cover that can be detached thanks to the practical zip. The blanket has a double use: it serves to protect the seat from scratches by the cat who has sofa climbing as a hobby, but it is also useful for covering the animal during the coldest days.

The color of the kennel matches perfectly with any furniture, from the most classic to the most modern. With Achilles the problem of hair on the sofa and the armchairs is solved: your dog and your cat will love it, especially if you arrange it in their favorite corner. A great gift for both them and you!