Labrador Retriever

Accompanied, loved, playful, Labrador Retriever has become among the most beloved and familiar dogs in the US but also in our country.

Initially, this dog was used for hunting and finding birds, but later it became a companion dog. This dog is most in demand for its good nature, easy to train, and their intelligence.

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Yellow Labrador Retriever

Black Labrador Retriever

The origin of the Labradors is from Canada. The first report written about this breed dates back to 1822, written by a traveler who brought this dog to England in the 19th century. 19.

Labradors have exceptional hunting skills. Over the years Labradors have become necessary as guide dogs especially for visually impaired people and other handicaps. These dogs have also been trained to be therapeutic for home-dwelling people and children with emotional distress.

Pupy Labrador Retriever

While the police and the army have trained and made these dogs part of them for the pursuit of criminals, finding drugs, bombs, weapons, etc.

These dogs are pleasant and approachable in nature. You can let them live with their children without fear. They love water very much and are very good swimmers.

By inheritance labradors are very hardworking and need to be exercised a lot. They need to go for walks 3 times a day and are not allowed to stay inactive all the time as they gain a lot of weight. If they are not active, they become depressed, overweight, destructive at home, and die prematurely. So take great care of your special friend.

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