Here are the mistakes that can endanger your dogs health

Here are the mistakes that can endanger your dogs health. The day lengthens and the temperatures rise, which our four-legged friends feel as much as we do. That’s why LIVING gives you some tips on how to take care of them during the hot months, without putting them at risk. After all, animals never ask us for anything … We are the ones who have to take care of them and in addition to love, we have to pay a lot of attention to them!

  • If you take them with you to the beach: After washing, be sure to dry your ears on the inside to prevent possible infections.
  • It is also advisable that after returning from the beach the dog takes a shower to remove salt and sand and prevent skin irritation.

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– Just park in the shade or leave the windows a little open. The cabin heats up within a very short time.

WATER IN DISPOSITION – Water is essential for animal life. They may live a few days without eating, but they would not survive longer than two days without water.
DO NOT LEAVE ANIMALS – Hair provides thermal insulation and therefore protects animals from heat. Do not shave your dog completely.

Sun – Animals are unconscious, so they emerge spontaneously in the sun. In this case, it is necessary to intervene by moving them to a shady place or by refreshing them with water, especially on the head. Dogs with black hair are most threatened by the sun because black absorbs rays.

DIET – Make some changes to your four-course diet. If during the winter they had a heavier diet, in summer the diet should be as easy as possible.
SUNGLASS – If you return to the car and find the dog agitated and with accelerated breathing, it is most likely hit by the sun. Take it out, leave it to cool in a cool place, and soak it in water. Refresh the car, then once the animal has somehow recovered, take it to the vet.
DEHYDRATION – Never give your dog or cat too much water when he is thirsty, as this can cause kidney and intestinal problems. If you have noticed, the dog does not quench its thirst in an emergency but dips it in a tub of water and ice to cool it.

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