WHY IS MY DOG ​​SNEEZING? It will have happened that your dog sneezes in an unusual situation that has prompted you to wonder why the dog sneezes, in fact most of the time the dog sneeze occurs for reasons other than those of humans.

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There are some dogs more predisposed to sneezing, those belonging to the brachycephalic breeds, such as the English Bulldog, the Pug or the Boxer. Here are the most likely explanations for dog sneezing.

Sneezing and dog health

One of the most common situations in which humans sneeze is an allergic reaction. This symptom could also occur in dogs but generally, for Fido the allergic symptoms are different.

Much more likely a dog that is allergic will try to find relief from the itch caused by allergens by nibbling or the dog scratches itself persistently. However, there are conditions closely related to health that explain why a dog sneezes.

Nasal infections

One health condition that can cause dogs to sneeze is nasal infections. Dogs that have an upper respiratory infection may have sneezing as a symptom, although coughing is the most common.

The Aspergillus fungus is the cause of one of the most common nasal infections among pets, namely aspergillosis which involves the nasal cavities and paranasal sinuses. The fungus that causes this infection is found in the earth, in plants that are kept in homes, around bird cages, and above all in the dust that accumulates in the house.

Mycosis can be nasal but can also affect the whole body, in this case, it is called disseminated aspergillosis and is much more serious. In addition to causing sneezing, aspergillosis causes noticeable swelling, nasal discharge, pain in the nose, and bleeding.

The dog breed most affected by this infection is the German Shepherd. If you observe these symptoms in your dog, contact your veterinarian promptly.

Nasal abscesses and tumors

A dental abscess could also be the cause of why your dog sneezes. The upper third premolar in fact has roots very close to the nasal passages.

In very rare cases, dogs that sneeze have extremely serious health problems, such as nasal cancer. The main cause of this dog cancer is secondhand smoke and it mostly affects dogs with longer noses. So it’s good to know that secondhand smoke can be very harmful to your four-legged friends as well.

The dog sneezes from irritants

The nose of dogs is very sensitive, there are some subjects that are particularly sensitive to some environmental factors. The presence of certain irritants in the air could be one of the reasons why your dog sneezes.

Sometimes they are present in homes, they can be perfumes or spray deodorants , household cleaners that have an irritating effect and cause sneezing episodes in your dog.

Forasacchi and sneezing

The most common cause for dog sneezing is the presence of foreign bodies that the dog has inhaled, digging into the ground for example. The dog sneezes because what is inhaled irritates his nose and tries to expel it. This is something that canine sneezing has in common with humans.

One of the foreign bodies that can be introduced into the nose of dogs while they are playing in the garden are  forasacchi, spikes that are harmful to the dog , very common especially in spring and summer, which can be inhaled by the dog and travel through his body.

Forasacchi cause sneezing when they enter the nose. The dog starts sneezing after sneezing and may miss a few drops of nosebleed. Sometimes sneezing the dog is able to eliminate the phlegm but most of the time it is necessary to go immediately to the vet.

Acting promptly in these cases is essential because the forasacco could still be on the surface and be removed more easily. The dog will be given total anesthesia to allow the professional to remove the hole.


Persistent sneezing in dogs is rarely due to nasal mites, tiny insects that make their way into the dog’s nasal passages. Mites are often found in the earth, and the dog most often inhales them with his nose when digging.

These insects are very irritating to the dog and cause sneezing and nosebleeds.

Reverse sneeze . WHY IS MY DOG ​​SNEEZING?

It is a fairly common occurrence, particularly for small breed dogs and brachycephalic breeds. Contrary to what happens in a normal sneeze, in which the air is expelled from the nose, in the reverse sneeze the air is pulled quickly causing a particular and alarming noise that can make you think that your dog is choking or experiencing an attack of diarrhea. ‘asthma.


In general, however, the reverse sneeze can repeat itself for a few seconds or a couple of minutes, after which the dog’s breathing returns to normal.


Most often, sneezing is a sign that your dog is having fun and happy. In fact, dogs sneeze with excitement if they realize that something they really like is about to happen, the same can happen while playing.

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