How to choose a puppy dog ​​and understand if it is the right one, what care to ensure and what strategies to implement for a successful adoption

Do you want to welcome a new friend but don’t know how to choose a puppy dog ? Are you afraid of running into a series of choice errors that could affect your everyday life?

Legitimate fears that should not be underestimated, choosing the perfect dog for your life is essential. A decision not to be made lightly, here’s how to calmly face everything.

Evaluations and solutions, here’s how to choose a puppy dog

Deciding to welcome a new four-legged friend is an important choice that must be faced with the right awareness and respect.

dog is a sentient being with its own personality, character, life experiences and preferences in terms of food and space.

Basing the choice only on physical appearance and breed is the best way to fall into the error, especially if you do not consider a series of factors related to the dog’s own experience.

It is very important to inquire about the character of the dog, the type of attitude put in place towards his fellowmen, his attitudes and personal preferences.

The decision must be considered, the perfect dog for every human friend really exists, just show a little patience.

The decision will have to take into consideration some important factors starting from the place of origin: breeding , home litter, kennel or shop.

Without forgetting the evaluation of some important data such as the time that can be dedicated to the dog, the space available to him, the expenses that will be faced.

Up to the preference linked to the gender, breed and age of the dog itself. It seems easy but it is a delicate step that must be faced with care and attention.

To know how to choose a puppy dog ​​that will accompany us for a good part of life, filling it with happiness, affection, fidelity and lots of love.

HOW TO CHOOSE A PUPPY DOG: breed and gender

Adopting a dog is always a positive decision that is good for the heart and home dynamics.

Fido fans are often divided between lovers of puppies and enthusiasts of adult and senior dogs.

But if you want to literally grow together, the choice will have to fall on a puppy which, if breeding, will have to leave the mother only after 60 days.

The basic timing necessary for him to grow healthy, in strength, with all the antibodies and socialized thanks to the interaction with the family.

But the choice to adopt a puppy can also fall on a purebred specimen purchased from the breeding.

Or even lovingly saved from the kennel, where it is always easier to intercept pedigreed quadrupeds .

There is no breed more suitable for living together at home because each dog has a personal nature and character, with specific tastes and predispositions.

Surely the selection imposed by the breeding has contributed to shaping the particular characteristics for each dog breed, amplifying its merits.

There is no fixed rule that can indicate the way in how to choose a puppy, even as regards the choice related to gender.

Whether it is male or female , it has little effect, just follow personal preferences taking into account that in any case sterilization will be considered.

So as to preserve their long-term health by preventing unwanted mating and pregnancy.

In particular, if there is already an animal of the opposite sex in the house and not yet sterilized .

Time, daily routine and expenses

As already mentioned, adopting a puppy dog ​​is a choice that must be faced with awareness and carefully meditated on.

Fido is a sentient animal and not a toy to put aside in a corner when the novelty effect is faded, he is a living being that requires time, care and commitment.

Starting from a daily routine made up of exits linked to physiological needs but also to the stalks useful to socialize with the rest of the world, and to stretch the bones.

Ideal for relieving the stress of inactivity and home loneliness, accumulated during the owner’s absence from work.

Before adopting a puppy it is important to ask yourself if you have enough time to dedicate to it.

If personal commitments and lifestyle can coincide with his needs.

If the puppy can count on the presence of a network of help in the absence of the owner such as friends, relatives or a dog boarding house.

In addition to a correct economic assessment of the expenses that will have to be faced, not only related to food and standard accessories such as leash, collar, kennel and dresses.

But also medical care, vaccinations, registration in the canine registry and insertion of the microchip, passing through sterilization and some aesthetic precautions.

Such as bathing and routine grooming useful for taming the hair, up to the use of the pesticide and the presence of medical remedies that can facilitate well-being.

Welcoming a puppy offers joys and love but also involves commitment and effort, as well as a monthly maintenance cost necessary to ensure a healthy and long-lasting life .

Habits, character and lifestyle

A puppy dog ​​is always a joy for the heart, with its overwhelming energy it always manages to snatch smiles and love.

But we must not underestimate his needs and his personality thinking that he is dealing with a toy or an object to store when tired.

As anticipated, before opening the door to a new adoption, it is essential to take into consideration many factors, including the friend’s character tendency.

His personal nature that must be in tune with that of the owner in order to facilitate an optimal coexistence.

If the owner’s daily habits push him towards a sedentary and peaceful existence, the choice will have to fall on a calm puppy , one of those who prefer to stay on the sidelines in the litter.

A little dog who certainly loves to walk around but also doze and relax on the sofa. If, on the other hand, the personal energy level is very high, with a strong passion for running and hiking.

Here the choice can fall on the puppy who first runs towards the grate of his box in the kennel eager to jump into the arms of the new human friend, to have his belly and head scratched .

A dynamic friend who will want to share adventures and moments full of energy, able to follow the human of the heart during the fitness runs in the neighborhood.

Who will not disdain trips and early morning outings, because he loves activities to let off steam so as to find a balance with his new friend.

Interaction with friends, family and strangers

The home entry of a dog must also involve the rest of the family , if present, but also close friends and acquaintances.

The regulars of the house must act in sync with the owner from the first meeting, whether in the kennel or on the farm.

A direct knowledge on the field that can be enriched with comments and sensations useful for the final choice, especially if there are small children in the family .

The dog will officially enter a new group, a family pack and for this reason the decision must be taken by mutual agreement and in complete serenity.

Everyone will have to collaborate in the care and management of the quadruped showing the same type of behavior and affection.

Thus avoiding the development of drifts and possessive attitudes in the dog .

Balance is fundamental, as is the type of education to be given that will be shared by the whole family.

An educator will be able to support this cognitive and educational path, especially if there are small children, babies or other animals in the house.

In this way there will be no jealousy or nervous attitudes, and the family will be able to put into practice rules and commands useful for the growth of the dog.

A cooperation between roles and commitments that will make everyone complicit and affectionately linked to the dog of the house.

Among the qualities of a dog there is that of uniting and relaxing family tensions, favoring a better understanding between its members.

Prepare the house for the new friend

To know how to choose a puppy and adopt it, you need to consider some factors, especially when you live in rent.

In some condominiums only small dogs are allowed, by regulation.

In some cases there are real restrictions and prohibitions , so it is good to inquire before welcoming a dog.

If the house is owned but does not include a garden it is essential to intercept the presence of a green area that is close to the house.

A space where he can access to fulfill his physiological needs or to run and walk every day.

A very active and energetic dog cannot remain still and alone for too long, so it is better to involve family members and acquaintances who can collaborate.

Maybe substituting the owner during absences from work, for some company, to provide food and to stroll around the neighborhood.

The dog will have to be able to count on a space dedicated to him inside the house, complete with a pillow , soft kennel and useful accessories for his relaxation.

Games, food and clothes to an extent that can protect him during winter or rainy outings. There must never be lack of educational rules to be replicated every day.

The dog must be able to count on an adequate space that does not make him feel closed and does not cause him anxiety during the daily absences of the human friend.

Dog, friend and fundamental presence

Before any hasty step, it is good to remember that a puppy is not a game or an accessory to be carried for beauty.

But he is an important friend, an individual with his own personality and preferences. Aith his own character that requires care, attention and even an economic investment .

The decision must be made in agreement with the rest of the family to face together a shared path. Useful for the educational and emotional well-being of the quadruped.

Whether it is a puppy purchased from the kennel or adopted in a kennel, it is important to be guided by instinct. By the emotional impact that the encounter can trigger.

But first of all it is good to inquire about the behavioral and emotional characteristics of the same. Also requesting the clinical picture of the child.

So as to evaluate the state of health even in the presence of any genetic or problematic diseases.

Before each four-legged entry it is good to prepare a real plan to share with family members and possibly with trusted friends.

The dog must be able to count on the permanent presence of people who intend to ensure well-being and care, in full mutual cooperation.

Any program will also be drawn up by the owner even if he lives alone so as to establish the times dedicated to outings, games and meals.

So as to face the daily routine perfectly and without stress.

Common mistakes and issues

For an excellent welcome and coexistence it is important to choose the puppy in a conscious way, without following fashions or momentary ideas that could soon get bored.

A puppy is a commitment that must be accepted with a good degree and with the right spirit. With the respect and love it deserves.

It is forbidden to scold or hit the little one if he makes some prank or mistake. Like all puppies he is discovering a whole new world.

Better to rely on the instructions of your trusted veterinarian or a professional educator. Who can guide the owner in his educational path.

Better to avoid welcoming a problematic puppy if you are at the first adoption, improvising rules and treatments with a harmful DIY.


For the choice of the future four-legged house, one must always rely on recognized centers and kennels, also with regard to litters born at home.

The baby will only be taken after weaning and registered regularly.

Regarding the purchase in the store it is essential to request the documentation related to the origin.

Mainly if everything happens online, or at a high risk of fraud complete with illicit trafficking of puppies.

Little dogs, children of clandestine breeding. The famous puppy factories, often snatched from their mothers before their time and forced on endless journeys.

Sick and suffering animals lacking immunity and basic vaccinations and which could die even a few days after adoption.

Before making any rash choice, it is good to read up on the puppy’s existential path. In order to know how to choose a puppy dog.

As anticipated, an animal is not a game or a whim, but a sentient living being that requires respect, love and attention.

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