Not all dog wipes are bad, we must know how to choose them carefully and understand how to use them best: let’s find out together

Among the many products on the market, dog wipes are among the most popular, but are they bad for Fido or can we use them safely?

In fact, we cannot hide that they are a useful and convenient product that can be of great help in the care and hygiene of our four-legged companion.

Most dog wipes are scented and specially formulated to eliminate bad odors .

But they are not as effective as commercials and advertisements promise and often dog wipes are bad for both him and us because they contain substances that are not really healthy.

Dog wipes: are they all bad?

Today there are many types of dog wipes on the market but we must be very careful and understand which ones we can use and which ones are bad for them.

First of all we must make a premise: taking care of Fido’s hygiene is of fundamental importance and the wipes can be a little help, but not the solution.

The dog should be brushed regularly to eliminate dead hair, dust and debris that settle on the coat and periodically it is necessary to give it a more thorough bath.

Of course, the frequency of brushes and shampoos depends on the type of coat of the dog so it is good to take all the necessary information.

If we do not feel safe and we are not really practical we can rely on grooming professionals who have tools and techniques suitable for this task.

That said, however, hygiene must be taken care of every day and having a packet of dog wipes never hurts.

Everything is in knowing how to choose the best and suitable ones for our Fido that do not hurt him and keep the PH of his skin unchanged .

Most wipes are scented because their main goal is to cover up the dog’s unpleasant odors.

But perfumes and chemicals can damage Fido’s skin which is very delicate and prone to allergies and irritations.

Furthermore, they should not be used too often because the dog’s skin produces a particular sebum substance that serves to protect it from harmful bacteria and microorganisms , from bad weather and even from minor traumas.

Eliminating it completely would mean taking away its natural protection from the dog and making it more exposed to the action of mycosis, bacterial infections and insect bites.

How to choose the right ones

Not all dog wipes are bad for the skin , it is up to us to choose a quality product that does not harm its health.

We are usually attracted to scented ones but the smell they emanate can deceive us: we must not choose them based on the fragrance!

The ideal wipes are to clean the dog without irritating its skin and without completely covering its smell.

Dogs have a very developed sense of smell and what smells good to him could be a big annoyance.

Wipes that are great for your dog and that don’t hurt him should contain natural substances that don’t damage the coat.

Often they are so overloaded with chemical agents that they even discolor the hair and turn it yellow.

All we do is get a bad effect: the wipes have to clean the dog but leave its coat intact!

The ideal wipes for the dog are the odorless ones that do not hurt either the hair or the skin and do not contain allergens.

They are designed to prevent the dog from having allergic reactions or irritations but they do their job very well.

We can use them when we come back from a walk in the park or when Fido puts his paws in the mud on a rainy day.

It doesn’t matter if two or more times a day , we can use them as often as necessary and our Fido will continue to feel good!

Among the best on the market currently there are scented wipes for the dog in cotton that are not humidified to be used dry or soaked in water.

They are a real panacea for the coat of our Fido and in addition they have a sanitizing action , so we can even use them to disinfect wounds and clean very sensitive areas such as eyes, ears and genitals.

How ideal wipes should be

We cannot deny that dog wipes are a great alternative for cleaning your dog quickly and easily.

But it all depends on their quality and therefore on the ingredients they contain which, as we have seen, can be bad for our Fido.

The main purpose of cleaning the dog must be the care and hygiene of the skin and coat, not a simple matter of smell.

Therefore, we avoid choosing wipes with excessive fragrances which in most cases contain substances and soaps that irritate the skin and alter its natural PH.

The ideal wipes should be odorless and free of chemical agents, natural and sanitizing and that do not alter the natural balance of the skin.

Better still, those in cotton to be used dry, a useful tool also for cleaning eyes, nose and other sensitive parts such as ears and genitals.

Alternatives to dog wipes

Alternatively we can opt for a dry shampoo, naturally chosen with the advice of our trusted veterinarian.

The dry shampoo allows us to keep fresh and clean Fido without having to fill the tub of water is applied to the well-brushed coat and then brush again to remove the debris.

Many of these products also have a detangling function so they are ideal for those who own a long-haired dog prone to knots and tangles.

If your dog gives off a really unbearable smell, we could make a 100 percent natural DIY deodorant with apple cider vinegar and water.

Let’s mix them in a ratio of 1 to 2 and spray it on the entire surface of the coat, naturally avoiding the eyes.

If despite the wipes, shampoos and natural deodorants the dog continues to give off a very strong and pungent smell we must consult the veterinarian .

It could be a more serious problem related to Fido’s diet or an infectious state.