How to Teach the dog to go to the toilet

Teach the dog to go to the toilet

Ever wondered: How to Teach the dog to go to the toilet? Surprisingly, it can be achieved with the right approach. Using a special litter and strategically placing the dog toilet are crucial steps. Of course, training your pet to use it on cue is equally essential!

While many dog owners deeply cherish their pets, the prospect of their dog using a dog toilet, akin to cats, might cross their minds. This becomes especially practical for those with demanding work schedules, struggling to find ample time for multiple walks during the day. But is it genuinely feasible?

How to Teach the dog to go to the toilet

How to Teach the dog to go to the toilet 

In essence, dogs are generally easier to train or raise compared to cats, showcasing their ability to grasp a wide array of skills. This includes the potential to learn how to use a dog toilet. Could this become your next project with your pet? Absolutely! The question then arises: How do you embark on this training endeavor?

Buy a suitable dog toilet

Start by selecting an appropriate dog toilet that suits your dog’s size. Opt for a durable material to ensure longevity.

When making the purchase, consider the height of the dog toilet. Dogs often tend to scratch the floor after completing their business. To avoid a messy situation, opt for a dog litter box with a suitable height. Choosing one that is not too deep and adding an appropriate amount of litter ensures your dog has ample freedom of movement and avoids potential injuries while stretching its legs backward.

Choose the right litter for the dog toilet

Select the appropriate litter for the dog toilet, recognizing that it differs from cat litter. Dog litter is coarser and has higher liquid absorbency. There are various options available in terms of shapes and materials.

Avoid using cat litter, as it may emit odors that could be unpleasant for your dog. To counteract potential smells, a useful tip is to sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the floor each time you fill the dog toilet. You’ll find that this simple trick works wonders!

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Find a suitable location

Position the dog toilet in an easily accessible yet discreet location for the dog. Surprisingly, dogs prefer privacy and might feel uncomfortable if watched while doing their business.

Crucially, avoid situating the dog toilet near food and water bowls. Dogs are keen on distinguishing between their eating and toilet areas, and placing them too close together might deter your dog from using the designated spot.

Train Your Dog to Use the Toilet

To facilitate your dog’s learning process for using the dog toilet, introduce a specific command. Place your dog in the designated area and choose a concise command like “dog toilet” or “box.”

Allow your dog to stay in the box for a brief duration, then take him out and repeat the process intermittently.

Gradually train your dog to enter the dog toilet independently and exit upon command. Demonstrate that this space is safe and a part of his belongings and living space.

Dont be mad at your dog if he doesn’t use the dog toilet right away.

It’s okay if your dog doesn’t understand the command right away and keeps going outside. Don’t scold him; be patient and talk to him lovingly and calmly.

If your dog pees outside the dog toilet, use newspaper to soak it up. Then, put the paper in the box. The smell might help your dog use the toilet the next time he needs to go.

Watch your dog

Since your dog likely follows a regular eating schedule, he will probably need to relieve himself at the same time. Once you notice this need, give him the command to use the dog toilet or pick him up and take him there.

This helps him understand the purpose of the dog toilet. Dogs have good associative memory, so they can learn to use such a designated spot.

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Reward Your Pup for Success

Every time your dog successfully uses his new toilet, give him a small reward. This positive reinforcement is a great way to motivate your pet and make the learning process enjoyable.

Simple Teaching Approach

Teaching your dog to use a dog toilet is not difficult. Patience, love, and positive reinforcement during training will help your dog quickly master this skill.

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